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News and events

Cook with pleasure with ORION kitchen scales.
2kg - ORION OS-0K22

Fresh and fragrant bread every day! New ORION OBM-27G and OBM-24W!
Today breadmaker is indispensable for many families. And no wonder...

ORION is glad to perform a brand new washing machines OMG-840 and OMG-842Т!
Each model has it's own peculiarity

New Blender ORION ORB-014!
Updated model for easyer and more productive work


New CRT TV - SPP 2125F!
Dear customers! We are glad to let you know that ORION CRT TV line was again widened with a new model...

More juice! More vitamins!
Looks like it is nothing to develop in juicers. But it is not so! The ORION company produced a 9-speed 800W power juicer ORJ-017 with pulse mode for hard and soft fruits. An outlet for the...

Make yogurt by your self.
Nowadays it is so hard to find products with natural components. That is why people, who are thinking about what to eat, more often start to make food by their own. For that people found...

Economical class ORION vacuum cleaners.
Main advantage of ORON OVC-024, OVC-025, OVC-026 vacuum cleaners – low price for the people, who knows how to make a right choice. New vacuum cleaners model...

It is easier to wash now.
Unbelievable, economical helper – washing machine ORION OMG800 has up to 16 washing programs: cotton, synthetic materials, delicate washing, wool, fast washing and others. It is an...

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